1. The PPV video window is below these instructions

2. Click buy now and input payment information. 

3. After purchase you will receive an email from "" example of what email looks like below 

4. if you get the error "Too many devices are using this accessory code right now. Please wait for 5 minutes and try again" Please clear your cookies (on your phone or computer) and input the password.

5. VERY IMPORTANT if you can't find the email please check your junk mail!

6. If the PPV kicks you off please have your code handy just put your code back in and it will allow you to continue to watch the PPV as normal

7. Please triple check your junk and spam before reaching out to us directly for the ppt code. Text 916-307-8504 if you need assistance. 

Dear Customer
Thank you for your order.
Please keep this email safe because it contains important information related to your PPV ticket.

Video URL Link: your video link will be here (Click on this link for direct playlist/video access)
Password: **Code will be here** (Use this code to play the desired video(s) on our website)
Expiry date: 14 days after purchase
Total Allowed Plays: Unlimited
Total Allowed Plays Per Each Video: Unlimited
Ticket Price: 14.99 USD
Ticket Name: Arte Suave Elite XIV - Fabricio vs David Mitchell - Unlimited views for USD 14.99
Ticket Description: 

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